DR Nandita, Oh ! “The blessed one from god with a midas touch”. Whoever this beautiful and caring doctor touches with her expertise, is blessed with the greatest joy of life “A BABY ”.
I conceived through her treatment at my age of 46 and am blessed with a angelic son in 2009. I wish the same joy & happiness for all childless couples who have “ HOPE “ in “GOD“ and “FAITH” in DR Nandita’s treatment.
A Big GOD BLESS to all.

Mrs. Mobedji (Khan)

What touched me most about Dr. Nandita is her undying faith in God. And that is what she passed on to me and my two babies. Her humility and honesty was alarmingly candid when at some point of the treatment she said this is where science stops and God takes over. I have seen her cry with her patients, laugh with them and console them when they lose hope. And that is what she did for me. She gave me my greatest gift, the gift of becoming a mother. She is a rare gem and a wonderful person.

Mrs. George

We are happy and proud parents of an 8-year-old today, and we happily remember and thank    Dr. Nandita in making this possible. I was introduced to Dr.Nandita through a friend, in the midst of a hectic professional life. We were comfortable with her guidance and advice from the very start. Dr. Nandita diagnosed and treated my endometriosis and provided all her expertise, care and guidance in the subsequent months as she took us through to a safe and much-looked-forward-to delivery. We had the confidence and faith that we were in the safest hands possible, and Dr. Nandita proved to be every bit of that. We recall her warm, cheerful guidance to this day with sincere affection and gratitude, and are happy to wish her all success in her endeavours

Mrs. Gopal

I got IVF done by Dr. Nandita Palshetkar at Lilawati Hospital in 2011. I was 45 years old at that time. I got twins - a boy & a girl in the first attempt. I am very happy & satisfied at the services provided by her. Earlier I visited many IVF centres at Delhi & Mumbai but I was not satisfied. Then I got Dr. Nandita's reference from my doctor friends from London. When I visited Lilawati Hospital to meet her, she listened to me patiently & took good care of me. I was really impressed by her intelligence. In my opinion she is the best doctor in India for IVF treatment.

Mrs. Chaufla

Every time we look at our baby's face we always thank you for making our dreams come true... Our little bundle of joy "Kaamya" is 1 year old & we are really thankful to your entire team for their part in making our IVF successful in first attempt...

Mrs. Tejal

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